Keeping your team informed - automatically

What am I working on? What am I working on next? Your project team members ask these questions every day. With TaskTrakz your team members will be able to answer these questions themselves.

Communicating to your project team the tasks they should be on is one of the most important aspects of managing your projects. Every second wasted where a team member does not know what to do next delays your project. Smart project managers make sure this information is immediately and automatically available to everyone.

TaskTrakz web based project management software includes a dashboard to answer precisely these questions for each and every team member. The dashboard is the first screen a team member sees when they log in, and is easily accessible from everywhere in TaskTrakz.

Each team member has their own individual dashboard that is all about them. In addition the dashboard is customizable so they can add more information that is relevant to them.

The default team member dashboard

The default team member dashboard

The default dashboard for a new team member is optimized to show tasks owned by that team member. There are four regions in the default dashboard:

My Projects

The projects region of the dashboard displays all of the projects that the team member is working on. It displays the project name as well as displaying a quick summary of how far the project is from completion. Users can click on any of the projects for quick access to the project page, which will give more information regarding that project, such as charts and statistics.

My Active Tasks

The active tasks region of the project dashboard shows all tasks that the team member is currently working on, regardless of which project the task is in. The task name, description, project, status and owner are shown for quick reference. Any task can be clicked on to view the task screen for that task with full details including comments, attachments and other fields. The active tasks region is designed for quick access to tasks that the team member is working on right now.

Upcoming Tasks

The upcoming tasks region of the project dashboard shows tasks that have been assigned to this team member, but have not yet been started. This gives the team member a short term outlook on their upcoming work so they can prepare for it appropriately. In addition, when a team member has finished their active tasks, they immediately know what to start work on next.

Recently completed tasks

The recently completed tasks region shows the tasks that the team member has most recently completed. This allows them to easily access tasks they have recently been working on, possibly to answer questions or for reference when completing time sheets. It also often gives a sense of accomplishment, clearly seeing all the work they have completed and when they completed it. Clicking on any task will take them to the task screen for that task.

The TaskTrakz dashboard gives each team member the up to date information they need to do their job. Make your team more efficient, get your 14 day free trial of TaskTrakz here.