How to use workflow software to manage your team

Are responsible for managing a team? Do you need an efficient way to assign tasks to your team members and monitor their workload? Do you want your team members to always be clear on what they have to do next?

TaskTrakz custom fields, custom workflow and customizable dashboards combine to give you an extremely powerful way to manage the tasks for your team. You can easily get:

  • A constantly updated list of all unassigned tasks so you know exactly which tasks you have to assign to your team
  • Each team member has a constantly updated list of tasks so they are always clear on what they should be working on next
  • From any task you can see which team member is assigned to that task so you can answer questions and reassign high priority tasks with ease
  • You can easily see any of your team members task lists so you can monitor their workload and progress
  • The assigned team member remains associated with task even if it leaves and later re-enters the workflow stage you are responsible for, so you can keep staff assigned to tasks they already have knowledge about

For example, consider Jane, a testing manager at a software company. Jane and her two team members are responsible for testing all changes to the software. Jane is responsible for assigning testing tasks that arrive from development to her team members, taking skill set and workload into account.

Using TaskTrakz, Jane's dashboard can appear as follows:

A customized test team managers dashboard showing the test tasks for each team member as well as the test tasks which have not yet been assigned to a team member

As you can see Jane has a constantly updated list of testing tasks that she needs to assign, a list of tasks she must personally test, and an overview of the tasks assigned to her two team members. Jane can easily and efficiently manage her teams tasks and workload.

Setting up the workflow and dashboard

Jane needs to follow a few simple steps to set up this management of her team.

1. Set up a custom field which we will call Tester to track the team member assigned to test the task

Adding a custom field to track the user assigned to test this task.

Simply visit the custom fields area of account administration and add a User custom field named Tester.

2. Make task workflow state named Testing

Setting up the custom workflow state to represent tasks in testing.

In the custom workflow area of account administration create a Testing workflow state. Set up appropriate transitions in to this state from other states (such as development) and appropriate transitions out of the testing state (probably one back to development and one to completion).

3. Create the saved searches for each dashboard widget needed

Saving a search using filters on both the task status and the assigned tester

Do a task search using the filters and criteria necessary for each widget desired on the dashboard. Once you are happy with the search save the search and give it an appropriate name.

Searches that would be of interest to Jane would be:

  • Unassigned test tasks: filter by Status = Testing and Tester = None
  • My test tasks: filter by Status = Testing and Tester = Jane
  • John's test tasks: filter by Status = Testing and Tester = John
  • Gary's test tasks: filter by Status = Testing and Tester = Gary

4. Customize your dashboard to show widgets for the searches

Customizing the widgets on the team managers dashboard to show each team members tasks and any unassigned tasks.

Click the customize dashboard button on your dashboard and add a detailed or consice task list widget for each saved search. Give each widget a title and select the appropriate saved search. Drag and drop the widgets to arrange them on the dashboard to your liking.

Now Jane can clearly see all task assignments for the test team, regardless of which project tasks belong to. She is fully in control, has good visibility and can see new work as it arrives. Each team member can also set up their own dashboard to list their own tasks.

TaskTrakz customization supports your business processes, making them easier to implement and follow. Use TaskTrakz for your next project. Get your 14 day free trial here.