How to create a basic project risk management plan

A single thing going wrong can sometimes kill a project. Even if the project survives, cost and schedule overruns may make the project unprofitable. As a project manager risk management and risk mitigation may help you to prevent such incidents.

"Something that might go wrong" is a project risk. Proactively managing and planning for project risks is called project risk management.


How to add checks and balances to your workflow

Do you need to control authorization of your tasks? Do you need testing to be approved by the test manager? Do you need contracts to be approved by the legal department?

TaskTrakz allows you to restrict transitions of task status to particular people. By setting up a workflow customized to your business and restricting certain transitions to authorized people you can ensure that all tasks marked as completed have been approved by people with the appropriate authority.


Burn Down vs Burn up charts (and how to read them like a pro)

Burn down and burn up charts are commonly used in Agile project management. They are considered a lightweight way to monitor project progress.

Both burnup and burndown charts show project progress and project velocity. That is how far the project is from completion, and how fast it is getting there.


What is project management workflow?

Project management workflow comprises of the steps and the transitions between those steps that a task must travel through on its way to completion.

Breaking tasks into multiple steps or stages allows you to easily and automatically coordinate work and approvals between multiple people. Having this coordination performed automatically by TaskTrakz online project management software saves you and your team time and ensures nothing is missed due to miscommunication.

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