How to use workflow software to manage your team

Are responsible for managing a team? Do you need an efficient way to assign tasks to your team members and monitor their workload? Do you want your team members to always be clear on what they have to do next?

TaskTrakz custom fields, custom workflow and customizable dashboards combine to give you an extremely powerful way to manage the tasks for your team. You can easily get:

  • A constantly updated list of all unassigned tasks so you know exactly which tasks you have to assign to your team
  • Each team member has a constantly updated list of tasks so they are always clear on what they should be working on next
  • From any task you can see which team member is assigned to that task so you can answer questions and reassign high priority tasks with ease
  • You can easily see any of your team members task lists so you can monitor their workload and progress
  • The assigned team member remains associated with task even if it leaves and later re-enters the workflow stage you are responsible for, so you can keep staff assigned to tasks they already have knowledge about

Maintaining a signoff register of your tasks

Who authorized this document? Who said testing was complete on this feature? Can you answer these questions about your project?

To ensure that processes are followed it is important to have people sign off on each step of the process. This ensures that no step of the process is missed, and that the person responsible for each step treats it with the proper importance.


When is it time to use project management software?

Are you managing your projects using index cards, paper or spreadsheets? How can you tell it is time to move to using dedicated software to manage your projects?

Many projects are managed using a collection of manual methods. These may take the form of index cards, todo lists, spreadsheets or whiteboards. For smaller projects this may be all you need.


Customizable Dashboards 101

Want to be kept constantly updated? Do you need to monitor your workload and that of your team? You need TaskTrakz.

TaskTrakz comes with a default dashboard giving each team member an overview of tasks and projects relevant to them. However, if you are a manager you often need to know more than that. TaskTrakz allows you to customize your dashboard so that you can have the information that you are looking for waiting for you when you sign in.

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