Are we there yet? How to track project progress

It is not just a question that kids ask their parents on a long road trip. Clients and managers are extremely interested in the answer to this question as well.

Good project tracking software allows you to answer this question at a glance. This information should be automatically available for you - no effort required.

At TaskTrakz, information distribution is one of our highest priorities, because we understand how important it is to have this information on hand. Here are three ways TaskTrakz project management software gives you the answer to this question:

Project progress bars

10 of 15 tasks completed.

TaskTrakz shows you a project progress bar for each project on the projects page. In a single glance you can get a high level summary of how far your projects have come, and how far they have to go. Answers to the question 'Are we there yet?' are only a single click away.

The projects page shows you the progress of all of your projects at a glance.

For convenience and motivation, you can also see your projects progress right on your dashboard. Just add the projects dashboard widget (included by default) to have a progress overview everytime you log in to TaskTrakz.

Project burn down charts

Sometimes you need a bit more context about your progress. Not only do you want to know "How far to go?", but also "How fast are we getting there?".

TaskTrakz automatically tracks your historical progress, and displays it graphically on the project page as a burn-down chart. This chart shows how many tasks were remaining in the project on each day in the past. You can see instantly if the project is making good progress, or if it is effectively stalled.

The burn down chart shows your projects historical performance.

Project burn up charts

'Are we there yet?'

'We would have been dear, but we're going further now.'

Have you ever seen a projects progress go backwards? This can happen when work is added to a project faster than it can be completed. A burn down chart does not help you to visualize work being added to the project.

The burn up chart is an extension of a burn down chart that shows you both the work that has been completed, as well as the total work in the project. When the two lines meet, the project will be complete.

A burn up chart can clearly show two scenarios that a burn down chart does not clearly demonstrate:

  1. Work being added to the project
  2. Work being removed from the project to meet a deadline

The burn up chart shows your projects historical performance and changes to the amount of work.

TaskTrakz automatically tracks your projects history and shows you the projects burn up chart every time you visit the project page. You can immediately see both progress, speed towards the goal, and how the goalpost is moving.

Make project tracking a breeze with TaskTrakz. Get your free 14 day trial here.