Customizable Dashboards 101

Want to be kept constantly updated? Do you need to monitor your workload and that of your team? You need TaskTrakz.

TaskTrakz comes with a default dashboard giving each team member an overview of tasks and projects relevant to them. However, if you are a manager you often need to know more than that. TaskTrakz allows you to customize your dashboard so that you can have the information that you are looking for waiting for you when you sign in.

TaskTrakz dashboards are easy to customize using drag and drop widgets.

This article shows two example customizations that might be used by a project manager/team leader and a software QA test manager.

Project manager/team leader dashboard

As a project manager or team leader you need to see your own workload as well as have an overview of the status of the projects you are managing. With TaskTrakz you can customize your dashboard with project specific widgets.

The most immediately useful widgets to add would be lists of recently created project tasks, project tasks that are currently being worked on and project tasks that have been recently completed. With this information always in front of you you can see when new work is added to the project, what your team members are working on currently, and progress as each task is completed.

You may additionally want to split tasks in progress into separate lists for separate workflow phases. For example, in a software team you could have separate lists for tasks in implementation and tasks in testing.

This allows you to have an immediate picture of your project tasks are progressing through your workflow. You can also easily visually identify any bottlenecks, for example if there are too many tasks in testing. Identifying these bottlenecks early allows you to take early action, minimizing delays and other problems caused by bottlenecks.

You can add as many lists of tasks as you need, and you can split them to suit your workflow and business processes. Best of all, you can keep them in your TaskTrakz dashboard. You can get an immediate up to date picture of your project any time you need it.

Software QA test manager dashboard

A software QA test manager is in charge of all tasks in the testing workflow state. To help them manage these tasks, the test manager should use a dashboard widget to display all tasks in testing.

By having a widget directly on the dashboard listing these tasks it is easy to stay on top of them. The manager can review and act on the tasks whenever necessary.

This concept extends to any team member who is in charge of a workflow state. This could be document authorizations, archiving information or reviewing code. In all cases it is helpful to have a constantly updated list of tasks that require action.

TaskTrakz customizable dashboards let you stay informed and manage your work. Get your free 14 day trial of TaskTrakz here.