What is project management workflow?

Project management workflow comprises of the steps and the transitions between those steps that a task must travel through on its way to completion.

Breaking tasks into multiple steps or stages allows you to easily and automatically coordinate work and approvals between multiple people. Having this coordination performed automatically by TaskTrakz online project management software saves you and your team time and ensures nothing is missed due to miscommunication.

This presentation explains workflow and takes you through a step a by step guide of how to set it up in TaskTrakz. Once this workflow is set up you can reap the benefits such as adding checks and balances to your workflow, maintaining a signoff register of your tasks, managing task assignments to your team and dashboards customized to your workflow.

TaskTrakz project management software has flexible workflow to suit your business processes. Use TaskTrakz for your next project. Get your 14 day free trial here (You'll be ready to go in seconds).